Maxwellin bisnes-sitaatit

John Calvin Maxwell on amerikkalainen kirjailija, yritysjohtaja, pastori ja puhuja. Hän on kirjoittanut lukuisia kirjoja, joista useimmat käsittelevät johtajuutta. Monet hänen kirjoistaan on myös käännetty suomeksi, kuten ”Johdajuuden 21 kiistatonta lainalaisuutta”, ”Pystyt enempään kuin luuletkaan”, ”Eteenpäin epäonnistuminen”, ”Hyvä johtaja ja oikeat kysymykset” ja ”3 menestyksen avaintekijää”. Tähän on koottu Maxwellin parhaita aforismeja ja sitaatteja johtajuudesta, epäonnistumisesta ja muistakin aiheista.

John C Maxwellin sitaatteja johtajuudesta

Ihmiset eivät halua johtajaa, joka on aina oikeassa.
Ihmiset haluavat johtajan, joka on aina aito.​

Earn the right to be heard by listening to others. Seek to understand a situation before making judgments about it.

Leaders have to keep learning. It's the learning that keeps us fresh. Nothing is more of a compliment to a company or organization than a leader who is fresh with insights, thoughts, vision and resources.

The measure of a leader is not the number of people who serve him but the number of people he serves.

The position does not make the leader;
The leader makes the position.

A person that has good experience will become intuitive and gifted in that area and therefore will have the instincts that will allow them to perhaps seize the moment before others.

Great leaders understand that the right attitude will set the right atmosphere, which enables the right response from others.

People who can delegate well, almost well.

Encouragement is oxygen for the soul.

To lead yourself, use your head; to lead others, use your heart. Always touch a person's heart before you ask him for a hand.

I want to make a difference with people who want to make a difference, doing something that makes a difference.

A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.

Good leadership isn't about advancing yourself.
It's about advancing your team.​

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Everyone has the potential to become an encourager. You don't have to be rich. You don't have to be a genius. You don't have to have it all together. All you have to do is care about people and initiate. ​

John C Maxwellin sitaatteja epäonnistumisesta

The more you do, the more you fail.
The more you fail, the more you learn.
The more you learn, the better you get.

Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker.

To move forward today, you must learn to say good-bye to yesterday's hurts, tragedies and baggage. You can't build a monument to past problems and fail forward.

Ja vielä lisää Maxwellin aforismeja muista aiheista

Aina kun kasvamme, olemme mukavuusalueemme ulkopuolella.

Nobody ever got ready by waiting.
You only get ready by starting.

To achieve all that is possible, we must attempt the impossible.
To be all we can be, we must dream of being more.

Learning is defined as a change in behavior. You haven't learned a thing until you can take action and use it.

Don't let your learning lead to knowledge; let your learning lead to action.

We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.

Commitment comes as a result of choice, not conditions.

People can open doors for you, but you ... must walk through.

Good character improves every aspect of a person's life.

If you desire to become a more generous person, don't wait for your income to change.
Change your heart.